Wildflower Seasonal Data

Here you can submit wildflower bloom and fruit season data. This increases our knowledge of what time of year each species is blooming (or fruiting) in a given location. This data is submitted for three different periods per month; early, mid, and late. Early is from the first to the tenth, mid is from the eleventh to the twentieth, and late is from the twenty-first to the end of the month.

It is easy to tell when most species are in flower, but deciding whether a species in fruit or not can be tricky. In general if there are fully mature fruits on the plant, then the plant is in fruit. We consider that the plant is still in fruit, even after the fruits have completely dried, if the seeds are still actively being dispersed. As always, when in doubt, ask. And don’t submit the data until you are certain that it is acceptable and correct. Thank you!

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