Wildflower Distribution Data

Here you can submit wildflower distribution data (AKA “range” data). This data helps to increase our knowledge of the distribution of each species in North America. Over time, it will also show how a species’ distribution changes.

Each member may submit distribution data for each species in a specific location only once per year. (You may submit different locations for the same species, and different species for the same location. But not the same species for the same location, until the next calendar year.)

Also, note that distribution data is submitted automatically along with other types of data. When you submit bloom season data, for example, you are required to fill out a location on that form. The form will automatically check if you have already submitted distribution data for that location for that species, and if you have not, it will submit that distribution data as well. So if you have already submitted other data for a particular species and location this year, then you don’t need to fill out this form for that species for that location. You have already submitted that distribution data for that species, through the other form. (If you do try to submit the data through this form, you will get the message that the data is redundant.)

Whether the data was submitted through this form or automatically submitted via another form, will not affect the number of points you receive. You will be awarded the points for the distribution data either way.

[dataForm type=”wildflowers” id=”1″]

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