What is eFieldGuide.com?

eFieldGuide.com is an interactive, online field guide to nature. It reads much like a printed nature guide, but has way more features than are possible in printed field guides. It has lots of photos accompanying the simple, nontechnical species profiles. But that is only a start. I am currently working on a suite of premium features that will greatly aid in identification. This includes a highly advanced search form, that will let users conduct a search based on hundreds of different characteristics!


How does it work, and is it reliable?

Reliability is one of the important attributes of any field guide. That is why every measure is taken to ensure that eFieldGuide.com is a reliable source of information. eFieldGuide.com does not function as a wiki or just repackage information from other places around the web. Fresh data is collected and compared with other reliable sources to ensure that the information given on eFieldGuide.com is as reliable as possible. The information is also constantly updated, unlike printed field guides which can quickly become outdated.


Who runs it?

eFieldGuide.com is the brainchild of J.D. Grimes. He has built the site, collected lots of data, written the species profiles, and taken many of the photographs.


How can I be a part of it?

Can you be a part of this project? Yes! If you are interested in collecting data, you can join the Data Group. If you have ideas or suggestions, you can speak out in the forums, or contact me here. I would love to hear from you!